What We Do


Conscious Leadership

Executive Coaching

We work 1:1 with executives to coach them on becoming transformative, conscious leaders. The demands and expectations on social sector leaders are different than those leading in the private sector and we understand the unique environment in which you are working.

Our coaching helps leaders live in integrity and authenticity, fully on purpose, and where your impact is an overflow of your own selfcare.

Conscious Circles

Conscious Circles are monthly gatherings where teams come together to work on the commitments of consciousness. They are safe places for leaders to practice mindfulness, radical candor, responsibility, curiosity, and healthy conflict.

Circles help leaders understand they are not alone in their struggles, hopes, and fears. They help teams live in integrity and accountability with one another. Circles help reduce gossip and increase clear communication.

Organizational Transformation

For organizations that want to go “all-in” on consciousness we are available to help develop and execute a playbook for organizational transformation. This involves the coaching and Conscious Circles that are mentioned above as well as more in-depth on-going training for your team and assessments that help track organizational culture and health over time.

Data & Technology

Data Audit & Strategy

Wondering how to best utilize data within your organization? We are here to help. We can audit the data resources you currently have and identify opportunities to utilize this data further. Get the most from your data.

Impact Data Strategy

Increasingly organizations are being asked to use data to provide evidence of their impact. But it’s often not as easy as it sounds. We work with organizations to identify ways they can leverage data to provide evidence of impact.

Opportunity Identification

For many organizations, one of the most challenging questions is how data and technology might help them achieve impact. We can work with your organization to identify opportunities to leverage data and technology to achieve your mission.

Grantee Capacity Building

We work with cohorts of grantees to help them identify ways in which data and technology can help drive their mission forward. We can provide a host of capacity building and technical assistance services to your grantees.

Thought Leadership

We are here to help your organization drive the conversation forward. We can work with your organization on publications, podcasts, and other forms of thought leadership that will spark conversation on the topics that you most care about.

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship programs are a great way of building capacity within the social sector. Especially when it comes to technical skills like data science, informal mentoring and peer networks are vital to success. We will work with your organization to design and run fellowship programs attracting participants from across the social sector.


We work with organizations looking to convene leaders and practitioners around issues of innovation, technology, data, and impact. Through our network we can help connect you to the right partners and get the word out throughout the sector.