Leading the Way.

Big Elephant Studio works with social change organizations on issues of data and technology. We focus in three primary areas: Sector Building, Technology Driven Impact, and Product Development.


Sector Building

We work with organizations interested in providing capacity building to their partners and grantees as well as helping drive a vision for data and technology for the sector. This includes organizing fellowship programs, convenings, and thought leadership products.

Technology Driven Impact

Technology is increasingly being used by mission driven organizations to create impact. If your organization is wondering how data and technology can drive the mission forward, we are here to work with you. We work with you to identify opportunities, strategies, and sustainability plans to incorporate data and technology into your mission.

Product Development

We like building things. If you are looking for help with product development, data science tools, etc. we are here to help. 


We believe in a sector driven by impact that uses whatever tools necessary to achieve it.